Selected projects

Veskimetsa pilot fibre optical newtork construction

We were the first partner for Estonia's largest electricity network operator Elektrilevi in implementing their new business line. At the request of Elektrilevi, we built for 500 households the fiber-optic communication network in Tallinn. For that we used the existing overhead power lines infrastructure. The project was successful and on the basis of it Elektrilevi will carry out large-scale construction of the Estonian fiber-optic network by using its existing electricity overhead lines.

By using the existing electricity network infrastructure, the cost of building a fiber-optic network can be significantly decreased. On the basis of Veskimetsa project, Elektrilevi received state subsidy to carry out large scale construction of an optical communication network.

As a result of the good cooperation we are carrying out the follow-on projects with Elektrilevi in all over Estonia.

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