Selected projects

Sillamäe CHP project management and electricity installation

Sillamäe combined heat and power plant (CHP) project management services on turn key basis. CHP power output is 7 MWe and thermal output 18 MW. Plant fuel is clean woodchips and it also produces industrial steam.
Work included finding an optimal size and operation of the plant. We calculated the optimal operational load and structure for the whole facility which includes oil shale, gas and biomass production units. In addition we formed a strategy to exit oil shale usage.

To this project which we calculated and managed all neccessary permits were issued. Further more renewable energy subsidy were allocated to the facility by the Estonian state power grid operator Elering and investment subsidy was allocated by the Estonian Environmental Investment centre for the flue gas condenser construction.

As the result of the project we have given our contribution to transform the Estonian energy system on the renewable energy basis and therefore move towards sustainable society.

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